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Tired of being fat and unfit?

If you are reading this, it means that you are struggling to lose weight. You have tried diets. You have tried going to a regular gym or health club. But nothing seems to work. Be prepared to dust off those old jeans you never thought you would fit in again! Get fit, lose weight and get your self-confidence back! You will love seeing the kilograms melt off your body as we kick, sweat and have fun together! 

You do not have to be in shape to start

COBRA Fit™ is safe, exciting and fun. No kickboxing experience required. You do not need to be in great shape to join. You will train to suit your own fitness level. You can do this!

A new you in just 10 weeks

You will be able to see visible results in just 10 weeks! With various available class times and pricing options to choose from, COBRA Fit™ is the perfect fit for people like you who want quality training with real results.

This is what our gym members say

Caitlin Hudson
Absolutely the best kickboxing classes in Bloemfontein! Instructors motivate you during the workouts, giving you confidence to complete the high intensity 45min class. Would definitely recommend!
Luané van der Merwe
Love these kickboxing classes! High energy effective workout within 45min. Gives you confidence and a feeling of empowerment. Would strongly recommend!
Candice Richards
Professional, friendly instructors that invest with consistent dedication in your all-in-one workout experience. Once you've tried Cobra Fit, you won't want to go back to anything else!
Sunja van Straaten
Best training, best facility, best trainers!
Sunet Botha
Best way to end a stressful day ! Challenging, fun and effective workout. Great instructors! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Landi Swart
Fun, effective small group workouts with great variety. Never a dull moment!
Leon Lombaard
Best workouts I have encountered. Great instructors. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get in shape.

A Fun 45-Minute Total Body Workout


You will do the kickboxing portion of your workout on fitness kickboxing bags with high tempo music playing in the background.  Your Instructor will call out every combination and make sure you stay motivated. There are plenty of breaks. If you are tired, you can take a personal break, grab some water, then get back on the bag when you feel refreshed.


Tone your muscles with fitness resistance bands for the ultimate workout experience. Your Instructors will teach every upper and lower body exercise and count every repetition. The days of not really knowing what to do are over, we do the work for you. This is the best gym experience ever!


In every class we will help you to train your core muscles to ensure that your midsection becomes stronger. At the end of each class you will be doing a great stretching routine. This will ensure your body becomes as flexible as possible. 

Internationally Certified Trainers

Our trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals. They stay on top of the latest trends in health and fitness to ensure you get the best possible advice.

COBRA FIT Gym IFA certified Instructor
Boxing & Barbells Bloemfontein Gym
COBRA Accredited Gym
COBRA FIT Kickboxing Gym Nesta Certified Instructor
Global Marrtial Ats University Certified Gym Instructor

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