10 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Program


Get into the best shape of your life with the COBRA Fit™ 10-Week Fitness & Weight Loss Program. You start and finish with the same group and everyne works at the same level.

You will participate in a real fighter’s workout and will learn the latest in cardio training, strength and resistance training supported by an easy to follow  nutritional plan.

COBRA Fit™ provides you with a personal trainer type instructor and a mentor to help you along the way. Workouts are only 45 minutes in duration  and include stretching, kickboxing on bags, strength and conditioning training using resistance bands and a core workout.

What you Get!

  • Access to 5 classes per week!
  • Your own Certified Instructor leading each class!
  • Progress evaluations on Day 1, Week 5 and Week 10!
  • Bi-Weekly service and support calls from your instructor!
  • Boxing gloves, handwraps and glove bag!
  • Nutritional Plan!
  • “How to Get the Ultimate Body” e-book!
  • COBRA Fit™ branded t-shirt!
  • Training Manual with progress tracking log sheets!

Ongoing Fitness Kickboxing Classes


When signing up for Ongoing Fitness Kickboxing Classes you have the option of attending as many classes as you wish up to a maximum of 5 classes per week. All classes are approximately 45 minutes in duration and include stretching, fitness kickboxing / strength training, core workout and cool down.

COBRA Fit™ Fitness & Weight Loss Training mimics the way fighters train. You can now benefit from this exciting way of training like a fighter without actually getting hit!

Fitness Kickboxing classes are conducted on industry standard fitness kickboxing bags with high tempo music in the background. Our COBRA Fit™ Instructors lead the entire class by calling off every combination and making sure you stay motivated. There are plenty of breaks and if you are tired you can take a personal break, grab some water, and then get back on the bag when you feel refreshed.

Strength training are instructed with fitness resistance bands for the ultimate workout experience. Instructors teach every upper and lower body workout and count every repetition. The days of needing weights and still not really knowing what to do are over, we do the work for you.

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Free Nutritional Plan Included!

When you sign up for COBRA Fit™ we will give you a FREE Nutritional Guide to help you to succeed in becoming the best version of yourself.

Safe and Fun!

COBRA Fit™ is safe, exciting and fun. All students work at their own pace and no one is expected to do more than they are capable of doing. CALL US TODAY!